Air Ambulance Charter Service

Air Ambulance Charter Service

In a life-threatening situation, time becomes even more important. Seconds can save lives!

The World Wide Transports expert team, operating in patient transfer all over the world and in our country, provides active service for your patient transport and air ambulance requests every day and every hour of the week.

In line with the strategic work we have done with our contracted business partners and the determined target points, we can procure air ambulance  in many different destinations around the world. With our air ambulance planes or helicopter rental service, we direct the most suitable air ambulance to the geographical location you request as soon as possible. We transfer your patient to the relevant health institution under the control of our expert team. In a situation where even minutes become vitally important, we can transfer your patients to the relevant health center in a fast, safe and comfortable way, under the control of health teams, in order to keep your patients alive.

Although the comfort and safety provided in our air ambulance service are at EASA/FAA standards, flights are carried out under the supervision of trained doctors and nurses.

Domestic air ambulance waiting points: Ankara, Istanbul, Eskisehir, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya

International air ambulance waiting points: Athens, Vienna, Innsbruck, Zurich, Nurnberg, Cologne, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, Moscow

Our Services: Patient transport with Air Ambulance, Ambulance Helicopter, Ambulance Aircraft Charter.

Our team consists of doctors and intensive care nurses or anesthesia technicians. Depending on the patient’s medical condition, an additional doctor from the relevant branch (cardiology, pediatrics, etc.), air ambulance or ambulance helicopter can accompany the flight.

Team formation is decided according to the results of consultation with the clinic following the patient.


Since intensive care conditions are provided in the Ambulance Aircraft Charter service without wasting time, the medical area is separated from the cockpit with a screen so that the intervention can be carried out under ideal conditions. Depending on the size of the relevant air ambulance and the condition of the patient, 1 or 2 patient relatives and companions can be taken to the area behind the cockpit, with the approval of the health team in charge.

Cabin Pressure: Since all ambulance aircraft have cabin pressure control, all kinds of patients can be carried. It is transported safely thanks to the cooperation of our flight and medical team.

In our ambulance aircraft rental service, you can get free information from our expert team about all issues such as rental costs, equipment information, medical personnel information, the patient’s condition, the wishes and sensitivity of the patient’s relatives.

Air ambulance or ambulance helicopter is ready for service whenever you need it. In our ambulance aircraft charter service, the primary priority in all circumstances is to maintain the vital functions of the patient. Ambulance helicopter and air ambulance, where you can provide the fastest transportation and intervention in risky geographical areas, continue to save lives. The World Wide Transports team is ready to support you at any time for your possible air ambulance service needs.

Air Ambulance operations are carried out in the following situations:

•    Cerebral palsy patients
•    Patients who are intubated and ventilated
•    Patients in intensive care
•    Patients suffering from gunshot or sharpening injuries
•    Patients exposed to food or other poisoning situations
•    Patients undergoing or needing orthopedic surgery
•   Patients undergoing high-risk abdominal surgery

Organ Transplantation: Organ transplantation within the scope of “Time Critical” Transport is carried out by our experienced medical team, who are experts in their field, in a fast and traceable manner, in coordination with the transplantation centers determined by the ministries of health of the countries.

Medical Escort: Patients who are not in serious condition are transferred on scheduled flights, which are preferred because they are more economical. Necessary transportation coordination, from ticket reservation on the most suitable airline to ambulance organization at both airports, is carried out by our expert team.




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