Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

With the aircraft management service, the aircraft management team of the World Wide Transports takes you away from the troublesome procedures and stress of the aircraft purchasing process with their knowledge and experience. While our expert and experienced team, which has full knowledge of all the details, carries out all the necessary details on your behalf with precision; you will only focus on enjoying the unique pleasure of the sky.


Within the scope of our private aircraft management service; In all categories necessary for commercial flight efficiency such as employment of flight crew, aircraft maintenance and obligatory aircraft maintenance follow-up at certain periods, keeping all flight records, planning the training of licensed crew in the relevant aircraft type, charter flight reservations, flight marketing activities, profitability analysis and financial reporting service is offered.


As World Wide Transports, while carrying out aircraft operations on behalf of our customers who own private aircraft; all our commercial relations are based on the principle of trust; necessary documentation, terms of agreement and legal processes are carried out meticulously. Regardless of the purpose of purchasing Private Aircraft, our team works with the principle of following all necessary information and documents and maximum satisfaction during the management of all kinds of aircraft commercial activities.


Our partners, with which we carry out Private Aircraft operations, mainly operate in European Union EASA member countries. In addition, we successfully carry out private aircraft operations of individuals and companies that have important roles in the Middle East market. We strive to create benefits for all our customers from our commercial advantages, which we have gained through our wide network of activities that are growing every year and the strong commercial relations we have established in the regional sense.


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What we offer in the Aircraft Management service?

  • Identification of the most suitable aircraft or helicopter that addresses your needs
  • During the delivery of the aircraft, licensed technicians and engineers can manage the technical evaluation properly by participating in the analysis process.
  • Making long term agreements with insurance, aircraft and helicopter maintenance organizations, fuel suppliers
  • Carrying out the necessary registration, documents and authorization procedures on behalf of all the relevant aviation authorities, especially the Civil Aviation Directorate, of aircraft operations.
  • Sharing reporting processes showing monthly profitability analysis status through a system
  • Detailed flight cost analysis
  • Flight crew employment, licensing, planning of training
  • Aircraft maintenance planning and management of follow-up
  • Tracking the warranty periods of aircraft parts
  • Tracking flight times and records
  • The fastest preparation of your flight with the flight control center serving every day of the week
  • Storage of your aircraft in closed hangars, detailed cleaning and disinfection
  • Managing commercial leasing activities that aim to generate additional revenue within aircraft operations, so that your aircraft does not create additional costs when not in use other than you need.

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