Yacht Sales

Yacht Sales

World Wide Transports Group‘s yacht sales specialists are in charge of finding the most suitable yacht for your needs by following all stages of your yacht purchasing process with precision. In addition to all the details you dream of, our goal is to provide you with the most ideal yacht at the most ideal price, taking into account criteria such as technical efficiency, fuel consumption and comfort.

We can carry out a redesign process for any yacht in any category you like, equipping it with the features you want. We work with the principle of maximum satisfaction by using all our possibilities for the equipment and comfort you dream of.

The process of choosing the most suitable yacht that appeals to your needs and taste, providing the right direction as a result of technical analysis and providing the necessary information flow is a process that requires expertise. When a person who decides to own a yacht for the first time comes to the fore, such as how to make a good deal in the sales process, how to balance the best price and performance for the best yacht; The experienced team of World Wide Transports in yacht sales will provide you with the most accurate information and will create the most efficient yacht alternatives for you.

World Wide Transports Group’s yacht sales team, covering the purchasing process; will be pleased to provide financial resources, to keep a record of all procedural transactions involving the yacht purchasing process, and to carry out all operational processes for you.

Yacht sales and yacht purchase transactions to be made on your behalf include many European countries, mainly Mediterranean countries. All official transactions involving the yacht sales process are carried out by us on your behalf, based on the laws of the relevant country.

Service Opportunities We Provide During the Yacht Sales Process

yat satışı olanakları

  • Pre-sales technical review procedures
  • Detailed examination of the features of the yacht
  • Market analysis and price negotiation
  • Organization of the test drive
  • Rigorous execution of the yacht delivery process
  • Creating operational cost budget
  • Agreement support for long or short term leases
  • Yacht purchases
  • Examination of the official records of yachts
  • Purchase of the Republic of Turkey or the migration registration
  • Ensuring compliance with legal standards
  • Conducting purchases
  • Interior and exterior renovation, painting to the colors you want
  • Yacht sales management

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