Private Jet Purchasing

Private Jet Purchasing

How much does it cost to buy a plane?

There are many criteria that determine Private Airplane prices. The model of the aircraft, its technical features, the year of manufacture, the degree of use, the market in which the aircraft is located, the supply and demand ratios in the relevant market, etc. many factors affect the price. The first step in buying a Private Airplane is to decide on the budget and our experts will list the most suitable alternatives for you with all the details as soon as possible.

In order to be profitable at the purchasing stage, it is necessary to proceed with a professional team while managing the process. Buying a plane is the easiest part of the process. However, long-term holding of the aircraft may require serious financial liabilities due to high fixed and operating costs. For this reason, as the World Wide Transports Group, we can provide support in optimizing your costs by providing operational support after the purchase of private aircraft.


Purchasing Private Jets

As the professional aircraft purchasing team of World Wide Transports, we ensure that all the details of the purchasing process are meticulously selected and selected by considering the preferences, special criteria and sensitivities of our customers.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a safari in Africa, a dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or a romantic boat tour in Venice? The best gift you can give yourself should be a jet plane specially designed for your needs!

With our special support, we support you, our customers, who know the value of time, to find the most ideal aircraft and make their dreams come true. Please contact us for all kinds of aircraft purchases that you can use to leave unforgettable memories with the freedom of owning a private jet, to sign your most special collaborations with your team, and to reach your loved ones safely as soon as possible!

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From the moment you decide to purchase a Private Aircraft, if you contact our team, the most ideal aircraft alternatives for your intended use will be researched in the global market and presented to your liking. After the market research, technical and price analysis of the aircraft you have chosen in line with your preference, the purchasing process is started. After the technical examinations, the test flight is organized and the performance of the aircraft in the air is evaluated. In the ongoing process, we follow all the agreement details and processes with precision, and we carry out the purchasing transactions on your behalf based on the rules and government policies of the relevant aviation authorities.

Apart from purchasing Private Aircraft, you can get support from our team by reviewing our page for marketing and sales of your private plane by us or for your private plane charter requests.

The Scope of Services We Offer Regarding Aircraft Sales

  • Pre-purchase technical review
  • Detailed examination of the aircraft’s characteristics
  • Organization of the test flight
  • Meticulous execution of the aircraft delivery process
  • Establishment of the operational cost budget
  • Leasing agreement support
  • Follow-up of all legal processes regarding the purchase of aircraft
  • Examination of flight picture records
  • Transition procedures to the registration of the aircraft in the Republic of Turkey
  • Ensuring FAA/EASA/TC compliance
  • Market analysis and agreement support at the price balance point
  • Interior-exterior renovation, painting processes to the colors you want
  • Marketing and sales transactions for your private plane based on your request
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