Helicopter Sales

Helicopter Sales

Who can say no, to the idea of an aerial city tour with a travel plan designed entirely for you?

Wouldn’t you like to have the freedom to go to the most special places whenever you want by speeding up your time with a helicopter of your own? World Wide Transports professional team promises you to use the day more efficiently by providing the best helicopter for your needs, freeing you from the noise, traffic and crowd of the city!

If you want to buy helicopters but do not know where to find helicopters for sale and what issues to consider when buying, you are at the right place! Our team is ready to help you to clear all the questions in your mind!

Purchasing a Helicopter

Helicopter Sales is a service that appeals to a certain customer portfolio in the market with its own dynamics, where there is no high demand. Therefore, the process of obtaining a helicopter with the relevant qualifications that can meet your needs can be a challenging and tiring process for you. As a result of this, it would be more beneficial to proceed with the help of a professional team who is familiar with the dynamics of the sector in the helicopter purchasing process.

In this context, World Wide Transports will offer you the helicopter that best meets your needs, and helicopter alternatives that you can buy in a short time with the support of its strong connections in the sector and its technical team. By following all related processes with precision, as a result of the analysis, it will perform the Helicopter Purchase that will best respond to your needs.

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Our Solutions for Helicopter Sales

  • Technical review before purchase
  • Organization of the test flight
  • Rigorous execution of helicopter delivery process
  • Creating operational cost budget
  • Leasing agreement support
  • Helicopter procurement procedures
  • Examination of helicopter official records
  • The helicopter registered in the Republic of Turkey migrations
  • Ensuring FAA / EASA / TC compliance
  • Detailed investigation of helicopter features
  • Market analysis and price negotiation
  • Coordinating the purchasing process
  • Renovation for the features you want, painting if necessary
  • Helicopter management

Helicopter After Sales

The services offered by our company to you do not end even after the helicopter owner or the company has been agreed upon and the helicopter is purchased. In the leasing agreements of the helicopter you own, if you wish, you can carry out all the operations such as leasing, renewing, painting and maintenance on your behalf when you are not using it, removing your helicopter from being a burden and being an aircraft where you can fly your own flights, as well as an income tool where you can earn a side income. Apart from purchasing helicopters, we also provide helicopter rental services. If you don’t have frequent flights, you can also rent a helicopter as an alternative by examining the details on our helicopter rental page.

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